The Forrester Retailer’s Guide to the 2023 Holiday Season

If you want current customers to stay loyal and buy more — while winning over new customers — the Forrester Retailer’s Guide to the 2023 Holiday Season is the ultimate starting point.

It’s bursting with invaluable facts and figures to help retailers like you plan smarter for the upcoming shopping season. Especially at a time when global uncertainties like inflation persist.

Using data from Bizrate Insights, this guide answers:

  • What marketing tactics will exceed your customers’ expectations this year and help break through the noise?
  • How are smartphones shaping shopping habits, and what is the role of a mobile-optimized purchasing experience?
  • Do loyalty programs move the needle when it comes to holiday sales?
  • How can merchants remove some of the shopping anxiety during a busy holiday season?
  • Does it pay to explore new social platforms in order to reach different kinds of audiences and demographics?
  • Which tools make sure customers have a consistently positive online shopping experience all the way through fulfillment?
  • What types of security measures build trust and keep customers safe?

Above all, retailers in 2023 must implement technology, processes, operations, and employee experience (EX) measures to operate and adapt as needed across stores and digital touchpoints.

So, get up to speed on best practices — long before the last-minute holiday rush. Access the guide right now so you don’t miss out.

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