SWOT Analysis for E-Commerce

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis is used to evaluate the internal and external factors that help a company position itself for optimal strategic and competitive advantage. If you’re looking for a way to align your team for annual planning, kicking off an integrated campaign, or starting a brand redesign, a SWOT analysis is a great place to start.

This guide will help you perform a thorough e-commerce SWOT analysis in four straightforward steps.

In this guide you’ll receive:

  • The most relevant KPIs to evaluate your business
  • Strategic levers specific to the e-commerce industry to fuel your brainstorming sessions
  • Tips and guardrails on planning and executing your SWOT analysis
  • A PDF SWOT template your team can use to conduct your own SWOT analysis

Every company has qualities that can help it surpass competitors, and vulnerabilities that, if exploited, can lead to failure. Download this guide to help your team identify these factors and make strategic choices to foster future growth and success.