Spring Fashion Flash Webinar

Presented by Lauren Freedman, Executive Director, Bizrate Insights

Taking care of the customer is always in style, and in this 20-minute webinar, Lauren Freedman shares critical insights to prove it.Based on a January survey of 900 individuals, Lauren discusses what it takes to provide the kind of online customer support that shoppers value, including 10 essential care tips, like:

  1. Offer multiple customer service touchpoints
  2. Ensure responses are timely and relevant 
  3. Leverage stores to support pickup and return conveniences

The webinar is free. Watch it today so you can start incorporating better support into your overall CX strategy.

About the Presenter

Lauren Freedman has over 30 years of experience with the retail industry, focusing on consumer research and developing marketing initiatives in the ecommerce vertical. 

She piloted the first online mystery shopping survey, which provided data to retailers for 20 years and established metrics for the industry at large.

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