The Forrester 2022 Holiday Planning Guide

In a consumer cycle marked by supply chain woes, recession fears and disruptive global events, smart retailers are arming themselves with all possible intel on consumer trends and shopper behavior for the 2022 holiday shopping season.

Forrester’s 2022 Holiday Planning Guide is packed with priceless data to help you bolster shopper engagement along multiple key points of your sales funnel. Forrester, using Bizrate Insights data, answers the following:

  • Will an improved employment landscape increase consumer holiday spending?
  • How will company values shape purchasing behavior in more than one-third of all shoppers?
  • Why will authenticity play a vital role in the shopper-merchant relationship?
  • How can merchants alleviate stress in busy, overwhelmed holiday shoppers?
  • Will loyalty programs provide any lift to holiday sales?

Read key advice on best practices for payment options, shipping information and fulfillment options to prepare for the holiday rush.

If you want to retain your marketshare and win over new customers, this report is an essential read. Don’t miss it!