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Turn Verified Reviews Into

Winning Customer

Experience Strategies

Bizrate Insights helps you capture feedback at
every point in the customer journey and connect
with shoppers in real time.

  • Verified ratings and reviews — all automatically 
    syndicated to Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Extensive customer feedback — satisfaction data, 
    trends, customer preferences, and NPS.
  • Metrics, KPIs, and benchmarks you care about — drive 
    sales, build loyalty, and keep up with market changes.
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Bizrate Insights Delivers Ratings and

Reviews From the Voices Who Matter Most

Discover what unmatched customer engagement looks like. Our surveys have an
industry-leading 15% response rate. Plus, we collect more than 25 million reviews every
year. Get started with a free account today, or upgrade for a customized experience and
enhanced strategic benefits.

The Voice-of-Customer Platform for Businesses of All Sizes

Collect Reviews
Verified ratings and reviews are automatically syndicated to search engines like Google.
Track Benchmarks
Use industry metrics to see how you compare to direct and wallet-share competitors.
Monitor Your Performance
KPIs like Overall Satisfaction and Likelihood to Buy Again help you determine strategy.
Hear From Customers
Customer verbatims are delivered right to your inbox in real time.
Measure NPS
Check your Net Promoter Score at every point — shopping, purchase, and post-delivery.
Connect With Experts
Our team of experts is eager to help you start, understand your data, and find key insights.


Surveys That Deliver

Launch surveys that give you a 360-degree understanding of every
shopper touchpoint. Once customers start our surveys, 94% will
complete them.

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Site Visitors & Abandoners
Understand why shoppers visit your site, what might prevent a purchase, and how to bring them back to finish the sale.
Collect feedback about the shopping experience to understand areas of success and identify critical points for improvement.
Maximize syndicated reviews by collecting feedback from those who didn’t previously complete the post-purchase survey.
Consumer Panel
Gain market intelligence with our proprietary panel of over 2.5 million verified online consumers, which lets you tap into on-point insights.
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What Our Partners Say


I can’t say enough good things about the VitalSignsTM dashboard...It’s incredibly easy to navigate and to narrow down the specific
information that’s needed should executives or developers have a question about the customer’s

Jason Pafford
Voice of the Customer and Communications Supervisor at Orvis

With buy-in from leadership, Bizrate can be such a powerful tool. The questions asked, the comments, and the analytics are easy to understand and report. There are plenty of data points and feedback to provide value across all channels of a business.

Dean Sakamoto
Customer Experience Manager at
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The Bizrate Insights BOPIS Survey is a good tool for getting feedback from customers while the experience is fresh for them. We like having the opportunity to follow up with customers who leave negative reviews or comments to correct any issues they may have had.

Maria Tenreiro
Director of Customer Care, Boscov’s
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