Don't Panic: It's Just Prime Day

Bizrate Insights recently surveyed 950 shoppers to see how they were thinking about promotions before the start of the holiday season. 72% self-identified as Amazon Prime members.

Our goal was to get beyond the Prime Day what-ifs and take a broader look at potential shopping patterns — and we uncovered some eye-catching behavioral insights, including:

  • Almost 20% thought Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals would likely be better than Prime Day.
  • Nearly a third were early birds and had already started their holiday shopping.
  • 89% of respondents said free shipping was “essential” or “very important.”

Those are just a taste of our findings. View the full guide for free.

We hope it helps you plan better and smarter through the end of the year. Especially when deciding on the right time for your brand to get promotional.

Prime Day Hero