5 Ways to Reduce Site Abandonment

The average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.8%, but there’s no reason for you to leave that money on the table.

Using years of data from Bizrate Insights’ partners, we distilled key learnings into an easy-to-use checklist that will guide your team through reducing site abandonment.
Download this quick guide for actionable tips in the five key areas where your e-commerce business can reduce your site abandonment.

This checklist will share insight on how to:

  • Audit your UX to meet customer expectations
  • Streamline the shopping cart experience
  • Proactively help shoppers at risk of abandoning your site
  • Follow up after a shopper leaves your site to close the feedback loop
  • Reengage customers who left
  • Identify the traits most cart abandoners have in common

From auditing your site and improving customer experience to leveraging Bizrate Insights’ Site Abandonment survey to follow up with shoppers in real-time, this guide will help your team get started.