The Complete Guide to Social Commerce: What to Know About the Next Evolution of Ecommerce 

Global social commerce sales are projected to grow three times faster than ecommerce sales over the next three years.

What makes social commerce different from ecommerce? Our latest guide will answer this and other important questions related to this rapidly growing form of ecommerce.

Download “The Complete Guide to Social Commerce” to learn everything you need to know about social commerce right now, including:

  1. The current outlook for social commerce in the U.S.

  2. The difference between a buyer journey in social commerce vs. ecommerce.

  3. The best way to identify if social commerce is right for your business.

  4. An overview of the social commerce tools offered by the most popular social media platforms.

  5. Tips on choosing the right platform for your business.

  6. Four important steps to get you started with social commerce right now.

Retailers need to understand social commerce — the next evolution of ecommerce — and decide if now is the time to start selling directly to customers via social media. Download this free guide for a comprehensive overview of social commerce.